“You were absolutely outstanding for our VIP event!”
Black Bear Casino

Casino players can’t wait to see one of the top mentalists in North America read their minds and predict the impossible.

Casinos are always looking to show appreciation for their VIP players and, of course, draw in new players. With Spidey’s major TV appearances and virality, he has emerged as a clear choice for VIP player appreciation events and live casino entertainment. Players love games of chance and predicting the future. Spidey’s show does just that! 

Your audiences want to feel like they have Spidey’s seemingly supernatural ability to win! With jam-packed casino events, Spidey has had a history of standing ovations and success.
He is very aware that many of these players are excited to hit the casino floor and have more fun after the show. His performance is filled with neuro-linguistic programming geared towards influencing them to enjoy the casino’s entertainment as well. Players come out of Spidey’s award-winning show feeling inspired to win at their own game of chance.

The MAKE BELIEVE – Magic of your Mind performing arts show has been touring across North America with sold out performances and mesmerized audiences of all ages.

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