SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO: L-R: Host Steve Harvey and contestant Spidey in the “Week 4” episode of SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO airing Thursday, March 22 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Ben Hider / FOX. © 2018 / FOX Broadcasting.
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Hey Ottawa! From the biggest TV shows to your next event! Spidey’s a mentalist sensation whose mind-reading/magic show is one of the top corporate event and entertainment experiences at conferences and special events in Ottawa. In this highly interactive show, Spidey will have your guests in awe and laughter.

Countless companies have entrusted Spidey as their go-to entertainer for their clients and employees. His jaw-dropping demonstrations have blown away millions of viewers on national television and over 200 million people online! If you’re looking for a fun show with a history of success, join other Ottawa event planners in choosing Spidey.

Are you looking for top quality headline entertainment proven to be a success at some of the largest stages and events in North America?


No one is ACTUALLY reading your mind. A mentalist is a performer who specializes in mind-reading, psychological illusions and mental manipulation. Mentalists like Spidey use a combination of psychology, behavioral analysis, suggestion, and showmanship to create the illusion of supernatural abilities. Mentalists can entertain and astonish audiences by seemingly reading thoughts, predicting choices or performing other extraordinary feats of the mind. Simply put, mentalism is like performing magic for the mind and imagination, which is extremely popular for corporate events. 

Yes, audience interaction is a requirement for successful mentalism performances. Mentalists often involve spectators in their acts, making the experience more engaging and memorable for attendees. Mentalists need to interact with the audience to display their mental feats. This is extremely true for Spidey and his audience interactions are fun and refreshing.

Mentalists are versatile entertainers and can be booked for various events. For Spidey specifically, corporate events, special events, fundraisers and more. Mentalists, like Spidey, also perform for casinos and theaters across North America.

Come prepared with the following:

  • BUDGET: Refer to "How much for a Mentalist?". Come prepared with a budget. If you don't have one, you are not ready to buy. You want your inquiry to be taken seriously. If you provide a budget and it falls within the mentalist's acceptable fee range, they will send you info. If it does not, they can quickly recommend a reputable mentalist who does. For Spidey, one of the most crucial pieces is budget to better understand if he is a fit or whether we would send you one of our recommended options.

  • DATE/TIME: The Mentalist needs to verify availability. Pricing may change based on date/time.

  • LOCATION/VENUE: The client should already have this at point of contact. It is to check availability and to ensure that the venue and performance room layout is conducive for the performance.

  • HOW MANY GUESTS (approx): This will help the Mentalist understand the scope and size of the event to best recommend a style of performance. Knowing whether these guests are clients, employees, etc, will further help the cause.

  • TYPE OF PERFORMANCE: There are two types of mentalism performances. Close-up during cocktails or a networking event when everyone is standing and mingling. Stage performance for a captive and seated audience. Spidey is primarily hired for stage performances, but will exceptionally perform closeup depending on budget.

For Spidey Mentalist inquiries, reach out to Kevin Cruz, kevin.cruz(at)kcagroup.ca or fill out the form on this website.

It is imperative to have a budget in mind when booking a mentalist or corporate entertainer. Newly professional mentalists with less experience and basic showmanship will do events for $1,500-$3,500. Some mid-level mentalists will charge up to $7,500. Seasoned and in demand mentalists will charge up to $20-$25K. For holiday season, be prepared to pay the higher parts of those ranges.

If you're committed to making your event memorable and looking for a high quality show with a history of success across all industries, there is no better option than Spidey. Putting aside the hundreds of millions of online views, national TV shows, awards and countless corporate reviews, we deliver an exceptional show and experience. His team makes it as easy as possible for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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