“The show was SOLD OUT! We are definitely looking at bringing Spidey back in a couple of years!”
Palos Verdes Performing Arts Center

Presenters have been raving about Spidey’s interactive
and family-friendly magic and mind-reading show.

Spidey is always a big hit with his fun-loving and hilarious personality coupled with his astonishing mental demonstrations that border on the supernatural! He takes the audience on a journey of emotions. Whether it’s playing a silly game of mind Pictionary or a heart-racing game of Russian roulette, you will see and experience things you never thought possible. 

“A unique show that made the impossible possible and left our audiences in awe!”
Tacoma Arts Live

He’ll even tap into someone’s happiest memories and reveal impossible details! There’s something for everyone at his show. Spidey’s MAKE BELIEVE show brings magic and mentalism to levels that have never been seen on performing arts stages, leaving audiences in awe, laughter and ovation every time.

“Spidey and his team were a true pleasure to work with. Our patrons absolutely loved every minute of the show!”
The Esplanade Arts Centre

The MAKE BELIEVE – Magic of your Mind performing arts show has been touring across North America with sold out performances and mesmerized audiences of all ages.

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